Tattoo.TV Roundup

It’s been two weeks since I posted up a Tattoo.TV roundup of the news- no real reason for it, I just like to space them out so you have a lot to come back to if you’re not a regular reader :) So in that case, here are two whole week’s worth of other things I’ve done! As always, Tattoosday UK is not affiliated with Tattoo.TV in any way, this is just some shit I wrote for someone else which you might like.

imageVandals Hit Renaissance Tattoo

To be honest, this is a story I didn’t want to write. It’s not that I don’t like writing, it’s just such a shame that this has happened and that I had to write about it. Earlier in the month, vandals hit the brand new tattoo studio Renaissance Tattoo, causing around £30, 000 worth of damage. It’s horrible news, but someone has to write about it. You can read more about this one here. Thanks to Dereck for this one.

imageDead Men Don’t Paint

Two days later saw some happier news, in the shape of a great new exhibit which is going to take place this autumn. El Arte Da La Muerta (translation: the art of the dead) is going to be held at Seven Crowns Tattoo Studio in Toronto, and it looks like it’ll be fantastic. I’d recommend it, and once again I’m extremely jealous of anyone who’s able to get down to see it! You can find out more about this exhibit, which will be for one night only, here.


imageThe Blue Ink Brigade

Haha, I apologise if you find that headline cheeky- sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good snappy headline, you know? Anyway, this is a great news story. According to reports in the Seattle News, it seems the *ahem* mature among us are more likely than ever to be tattooed. In fact, those in their middle age are more likely to be tattooed than 20 year olds! Read about this, and the Tattooed Knitters and Crocheters Club (really!) right here.



Fatten up Your Library with Guy

Guy Aitchison has been in touch with those on his mailing list yet again to let us all know that he has a really great deal on right now at Tattoo Education. Basically, you can buy three books and two DVDs of the ArtFusion Experiment, Scratch Art, Innerstate and Pint Sized Paintings projects for the generous price of $130 (that’s £83.01 to the rest of us!). Take advantage of this groovy deal here.

imageThe New Generation of Conventions

This article actually came from something my friend Conor noticed, which is that lately the tattoo- themed events all over the world have been leaning towards something a little different to a ‘normal’ convention. We have tattoo festivals, fusion events and gatherings like Musink which combines music and art together. Are we looking at a new way of holding conventions, or are these whimsical days out which shouldn’t be confused with conventions? You can read all and let me know what you think here.

So, what’s next on Tattoo.TV’s news page? You’ll just have to wait and see! Tattoo.TV is a great site where you can read about everything tattoo- related, join in the community and have a great laugh on the ol’ Internet. Join up today ;)

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