The Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters



Today I came across a ton of pages from Gojin Ishihara ’s book, ‘Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters’. The book came out in 1972, so it’s pretty old, yet the pages are timeless. You may be surprised to know this book was actually aimed at Children! The book is full of fantastic demons, monsters and even the odd geisha, and I think it’d make a great reference book for tattoo artists or lovers of Japanese arts. I can’t seem to find the book online, but I’m sure one of you guys will be able to find it- if you do, please let us know! Failing that, you can find lots of pictures online, for example here and here. Don’t blame us if you have nightmares, kids!



2 Responses to “The Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters”
  1. justdoodle says:

    Oh wow, that book will definitely gives kids nightmares! Those are weird and scary creatures, but the illustrations are awesome and well done :)

    • Mel Noir says:

      Yeah definitely, I’m not sure I’ve give these to a kid, haha! The illustrations are fantastic, I agree- this Ishihara guy should be famous by now really ;)
      Thanks for reading!

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