Tattoo City hits Facebook

imageThere are about a billion different games drifting around the internet and on smart phones around tattooing at the minute. Some of them are cool ways to kick back for the tattoo aficionado, others are rubbish games which capitalise on the current popularity of tattooing. So, where does Tattoo City fit in?

The game is an application for Facebook, much like that awful Farmville game, except with a tattoo studio- that’s actually about it, but I have a feeling whoever made it does really like tattoos, to be honest. The idea is, you have a studio, and have to make your money by tattooing the customers who come in with exactly what they want. Usually the pictures for the “tattoos” are a bit crap, but once your player has money, they can deck out their studio. This is where I have a feeling whoever made this loves tattoos and art, and knows their way around a studio- they have everything from artwork to sharps bins, as well as the gimmicky LA Ink style motorbikes and stripper poles!

The game’s in Beta right now, so it’s buggy as hell, but if you’re looking for something to kill 5 minutes, it’s not too bad. You can play on the game by searching for “Tattoo City” in your Facebook search bar.

3 Responses to “Tattoo City hits Facebook”
  1. Pixie J says:

    I am totally gonna try this out!
    thank you

  2. Pixie J says:

    how are you liking the updates?

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