New Opportunities to be tattooed by Uncle Allan!


As a tattoo artist who is not currently taking on any new clients, Uncle Allan is notoriously hard to book an appointment with. However, new chances to have yourself some of his artwork have opened up!

Firstly Conspiracy Inc, where Uncle Allan works, have started up a new waiting list, which you’re welcome to add yourself to. This isn’t so much an appointment list, more like a list you can wait on until he’d like to take on some new work. It’s free to add yourself to, of course, and you can find out a lot of helpful information about that here on the Conspiracy Inc website.

Another way you may get lucky is at the London Tattoo Convention next month, where Uncle Allan will be tattooing walk ins only for the whole convention. From his blog:

I will do a bunch of pre-drawn designs to choose from and that will be the only things I will be tattooing at the convention. I will only tattoo them once so it will still be one of a kind tattoos. So if you wanna get tattooed by me at the London convention then drop by the booth and see if there is anything you will like and if there is time for you. It’s that easy.

If you’re super-enthusiastic about Uncle Allan’s work and have longed to be tattooed by him, this sounds like your lucky day! Just make sure you thank us later with a lovely photo ;)

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