Debunking the Hepatitis Theories

hepAll week this week, media outlets across the world have been singing from the rooftops about Hepatitis C and tattooing. These idiot health theories and “research” are nothing new- we’re always being told something will kill us- but should we be listening? In this case, I don’t think so.

ABC News has been warning everyone this week, “got a tattoo? Get a Hepatitis C check”, after reading some “research” which says those with tattoos are more likely to have the disease. Honestly, this is probably true- but it has nothing to do with having tattoos. The real truth is more likely that more and more people have tattoos, therefore the number of people with hepatitis C will have them. Furthermore, the amount of unlicensed tattooing has increased over recent years. Has this been taken into consideration? Not with the media outlets which are publishing this. The media likes to scare people to make them read things, and will print this crap.

In honesty, unsafe tattooing can lead to diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis and AIDS, as well as infection and other blood-related diseases. It always has, this isn’t a new thing. However, as long as you go to a sterile tattoo studio, and make sure you’ve done your homework about something which will be under your skin forever, there is an extremely low risk of you contracting any disease. I’m sorry, but ABC News is lying to you: your beautiful tattoo from a safe and experienced artist is nothing to worry about.

When it comes to hepatitis and the tattoo industry, the problem does not lie with tattoos, it lies with the individual who doesn’t have the common sense to know enough about what they’re permanently doing to their skin. It lies in those “kitchen wizards” who will take these individuals into their homes and tattoo without at the very least an autoclave. It does not lie with those who train for what feels to them like forever to be competent enough to give a tattoo, or those who’ll do their homework with their tattoo.

What is the real cause of blood borne disease? The teachers who never told you unprotected sex isn’t the sole reason people contract disease, and the news outlets who prey on those who trust their un-researched bullshit.

Now stop being scared and emailing me, you’re fine!

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