Star Wars Inkfusion Festival? Yes please!

imageSometimes you can take tattooing and combine it with something to make something not quite as good as either. Tattooing and diamante clothing? No thanks. Tattoos and iPod apps? We saw yesterday that can really suck. Tattooing and television, then? Hell no. What about tattoos and Star Wars? That can only be awesome!

We established on this site a long time ago I’m a total dork, so I’m going to buy into this either way, I’ll admit. The basic gist of all this is simple: there will be tattoo artists at the Star Wars celebration in Florida tomorrow, and as part of the show I understand they’ll be tattooing your favourite characters from the films onto their lucky customers. Sounds pretty cool, it seems to be some sort of small tattoo convention-come-Star Wars convention. Honestly, I’ll be wasting my time with you if I need to convince you any more that this sounds amazing.

Info taken from Atomic Tattoos, who will be in attendance.

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