iPhone App: TatView

imageIn the past few years, people have been really keen to combine technology with tattooing. Sometimes it’s great- we have tattoo social networking sites, portfolios on MySpace and even those weird digital frames I keep seeing on just about every booth at a tattoo convention. Other times, things are just sort of thrown together in the hope someone can make a few quid because of the popularity of tattooing, and end up terrible. Right now, I’m having trouble figuring out which of these scenarios is the case for the developers of TatView, or if it’s something different altogether.

TatView is a new-ish iPhone application which, in short, uses basic photo manipulation to try to show people what their next tattoo may look like. With tattoos being permanent, I can see why many people may want to know if their tattoo is going to look good on their body, so I tried this out with an open mind. It’s easy enough to use- you get a picture of a place on your body, you get an image you may like to have tattooed on you, and the application does the rest. I had a go of the application on my iPod Touch, which of course doesn’t have a camera, so I borrowed an image from another application, Tattoo Shop:


Thanks, Tattoo Shop! So, I have my ‘body part picture’, now I need a design. I quickly knocked up this picture, so don’t even start laughing about how the lines on this skateboard aren’t even straight, or I will not be amused, you lot!

Here was where I struck my first problem: this application does not like high-res pictures. It would rather you used something crap, or it will crash!

No worries, I managed to find a really terrible picture of a cartoon dinosaur my little sister and I had drawn on the iPod, so I decided to use this instead of messing around with other images! I think, to be honest, this set the tone for what was to come:


Admit it, you totally want a tattoo like that. No? Well I don’t really have to say much else- don’t bother downloading this application! You can thank me later.

I do actually really like the fact I can tell you lot if something is a bit crap and save you all some money, so if there’s anything you’d ever want me to review that you think people should be aware of, let me know! Alternatively, if you know of something we need to sing from the rooftops about, you can let us know about that too, we do more nice reviews than anything else :)

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