You need: Little Miss Delicious goodies


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Little Miss Delicious is a site we’ve linked to for a few weeks here on Tattoosday UK, so when Maxine, who makes these lovely trinkets reminded me she’ll be at Tattoo Jam this weekend, I couldn’t help but cheer you all up with it!

I know fine well from the many late nights spent on the Tattoo.TV chat that most of you tattooed folks seem to love anything tasty, and I definitely know you all like to wear lovely things to accent your tattoos, so I reckon this is all up your street! Who could resist the charm of a happy little toast necklace, after all?

I’m even more excited to tell you guys (and I hope it’s fine me saying so) that Maxine is going to be making some tattoo-themed jewellery, plushies and goodies soon too, which will be right up our street! Fantastic stuff!

My expert (ahem!) opinion? Treat yourself! You can find Little Miss Delicious, as I said, at Tattoo Jam if you’re going. If you tell Maxine Tattoosday UK sent you, you’ll receive absolutely sod all, but it might make her smile! Not attending? Don’t sweat it, you’re not missing out- you can buy these lovely things by clicking here, or on our link at the right hand side panel.

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