Run for the hills, Jodie Marsh has an “apprenticeship”!

imageI wish I was just making this up, I really do. I don’t know if it’s to do with my feelings on her already, the rain outside or the fact I’m out of pink tutti frooties (thanks Chris!) here, but I’m genuinely pissed off to be saying this: Jodie Marsh is tattooing.

Not only is she tattooing, she’s tattooing on TV, like a real attention seeking idiot. From Discovery’s press release:

Jodie is taking on the biggest challenge of her life, as she intends to transform her passion into a profession by training as a tattooist. She’ll spend time with professionals like Dan Gold, Nicole Lowe, Phil Kyle and Louis Molloy and we’ll also meet brilliant tattooists who have influenced her.

After this, one tattoo artist will choose her to be their apprentice, and she’ll tattoo one of her Z list celebrity friends. Horrible. What happened to trailing your portfolio everywhere before getting a foot in the door? What about spending ages in the studio before touching a machine? For the mere mortals among us, I guess it can’t be handed to us on a plate. Horrible stuff.

Would you let this woman tattoo you? I’m sure I’m not the only one who wouldn’t. Good luck Jodie, you’re going to need it.

You can see this awful piss-take of out lovely community/industry if you really must, on September 29th- info here.

9 Responses to “Run for the hills, Jodie Marsh has an “apprenticeship”!”
  1. Jemmy says:

    This woman is revolting is every sense of the world. I doubt she has any artistic ability, and it’s probably just her crap-ass way of cashing in on popular shows like Miami Ink. I really don’t think it’ll last and any respectable tattooist wont keep her as an apprentice for long. Her appearance alone is enough to stop anyone going into a tattoo studio.

  2. Mel Noir says:

    I agree, Jemmy! This news makes me really feel angry for those apprentices out there who’ve spent so much time, effort and money trailing their portfolio everywhere just to get a foot in the door, nevermind the time that follows working for free, mopping the floors and taking a lot of shit before they can even think about tattooing someone. There are too many people right now who want to drag our precious art form through shit, it’s disgusting :(

    As always Jemmy pet, thanks for reading :) x

  3. tony says:

    this an absolute joke, she is gross and this is beyond disrespectful to tattooing in general. she should stick to what she does best, being gross and on her back

  4. Dawn says:

    I wouldn’t trust her at all – she used to turn up drunk when she was training for Dancing with the Stars – christ almighty she’s got no taste, how the hell she can think she’s an artist is beyond me.

  5. Mel Noir says:

    Again, I agree with you both. I know some current apprentices who are extremely disappointed in this :(

  6. D says:

    For a tv show she probably got asked to do it and who can blame her for saying yes, if she genuinely is interested in wanting to do an apprentaship then when the show finishes (I’m assuming the programme chiefs will wanna rush her along for time scale) then as long as she puts in the same work and effort as any other apprentice (as well as alot of artwork no skin) then who are we to judge her on her back ground or previouse work ethics, I know tattoo artists who smoke crack reguarlly yet these are regarded as folk heroes dosnt mean I want them or belive they should still be tattooing.

  7. charles davis says:

    jodie’s covered in tattoos, so she clearly has strong interest in tattoos. i read a recent interview with her and she said that she’s doing a real apprenticeship ‘cos she wants to open her own tattoo shop one day in the future. she’s learning the trade like all other apprentices do and she reckons she’ll continue her apprenticeship for years after the show stops filming. Good on her for attempting to do more than just getting her kit off!!!!!!

  8. stephen kerr says:

    i have been drawing since i cant remember when! and been interested in being a tattoo artist since i was a little boy because my father was totally covered in them (this is one of my fonded memories of him as he left us when i was very young, and all i can really remember about him was his tattoos especially on his hands) i have been trying to break in to tattooing for over ten years now and am finally getting to where i want to be, so for jodie mash to be given the opportunity after being on london ink,having a few tattoos and flirting with louis molloy (she’s a lesbian mate!) really pisses me off! is she really interested in being a tattoo artist? or just trying to open her own studio in the hope that d-max will make a programme about it! i know she obviously loves tattoos because she has a few done but i cant help feeling resentful about her easy apprenticeship and the fact that with drawing skills like hers you would never get an apprenticeship with anyone! it just goes to show its not what you know its who you know and how much money you can earn an other wise decent tv channel!

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    PS: 13 Diamonds is a terrible tattoo shop! Well, I’m guessing anyway, since they feel the need to spam websites with gibberish. Avoid! ;)

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