Tattooist Art #5 OUT TOMORROW!


The lovely Leo from Tattooist Art has been kind enough to let me see their next issue, which comes out tomorrow- how exciting! I’ve had a read of it, and I can tell you all now it’s absolutely fantastic!

My favourites from this month include:

  • Leo’s editor’s letter, which shows why you should pay for quality artwork
  • Lots of lovely Suicide Girls pictures
  • An interview with Aleks Punk, especially his advice to artists about colour realism tattoos
  • A picture from Andy Engel showing someone finally has a smashing Paul Stanley tattoo instead of the Gene Simmons staple!
  • Beautiful artwork from Mordenti
  • And finally, a kick-ass soundtrack from 3FoldPain
  • The issue is available tomorrow from for free! Brilliant stuff!
    UPDATE: Now, I know you’re all just trying to protect your lovely (and expensive!) computers, but after a few comments made about being wary of downloading the issues because of spam, I can assure you guys, this magazine will not harm your computer in any way. I have every issue downloaded into a folder on my computer, and everything is fine! Don’t worry about it at all, your computers are all safe in Leo’s hands!
One Response to “Tattooist Art #5 OUT TOMORROW!”
  1. leo says:

    Thank you :D

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