Update on the Sophie Lancaster Foundation


The Sophie Lancaster Foundation is a charity which we have supported and promoted for a while now on the site, so I’m more than happy to be able to let you guys know that Sylvia, Sophie’s mother, was on the radio today to update everyone on the foundation.

As you may already know, the guys have moved their base out of the house, and into an office, which is great news! The money given to them from the government was taken from criminal cash-back, which is something I had a little smile at. The foundation has employed a campaign manager, meaning they can attend and host more events to raise awareness. In the long term, Sylvia would like the office to be used as a drop in centre, which is something which sounds very exciting and promising!

Sylvia also announced to anyone who doesn’t check in regularly (let’simage face it, it’s hard to keep up, they always have something exciting happening!) that the t-shirt design by Rob Maltby is now on sale! Like any of the t-shirts designed to commemorate Sophie, the proceeds will be used for the foundation, and more importantly, raising awareness! They’re wonderful, and you can buy one here

To hear the full interview, you can tune into Graham Liver’s BBC Lancashire show for the next 7 days. You’ll have to fast-forward the show until around 2 hours and 40 minutes in, but it’s worth it, and has one or two things I haven’t covered here too.

Graham Liver- BBC Lancashire

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