Pal of Raoul Moat shows his ignorance with a new tattoo- MEGALOLZ

imageHonestly, when do I ever say something like “MEGALOLZ” on this site unless I really need to? I’m trying to be articulate, but hey, this is the Internet after all.

I saw this in my mam’s newspaper before and couldn’t help but think of something a friend of mine said about bad tattoos: you get the tattoo you deserve.

So yes, Raoul Moat- if you’re somewhere outside of the UK, you may not know him as a man hell-bent on terrorising a small town not too far from Newcastle, after shooting his ex girlfriend, her partner and a police officer before killing himself. I’m not going into that on here, it’s not really related. what is, is his friend actually commemorating the man branded as “pure evil” in a tattoo- which doesn’t even spell his name right. Honestly, for someone to get a tattoo like that after everything Moat did is silly enough, we didn’t need the mis-spelling of his name to show us how much of a dunce this guy is! Nowt stranger than people, honestly.

See more here for a chuckle.

One Response to “Pal of Raoul Moat shows his ignorance with a new tattoo- MEGALOLZ”
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