Tattoo.TV News Roundup!

Well lads and lasses, I’ve failed my driving test! What a bad morning I’ve had! If you’ve had a bad day too, maybe I can cheer us both up with a round up of the news on Tattoo.TV today, eh? As always, Tattoosday UK is not affiliated with Tattoo.TV in any way, this is just some shit I wrote for someone else which you might like.

imageThe Psychotropic Mind

It’s been a while since I wrote something new about Daniel Albrigo, so this was a nice change. He and Robert Ryan are showing off their talents next month with an exhibit called the Psychotropic Mind. It’s all about changing perceptions, which should be very interesting. The exhibit will be in Philadelphia, USA, so if you’re near the area, click here to see when you get get yourself down, or see me act like a loser at Daniel’s comment on the article, haha.


imageBP Artists Support the Gulf Coast

This month saw two artists from different studios raise money for the BP oil spill through their art. I’m still amazed whenever I see Brian Thomas’ painting (left, not sure why it’s blurry here, sorry!) for it. What the Hell is that? Why am I finding it so ugly, yet so beautiful, and overall totally awesome? See more here, you won’t regret it- especially if you’re on the lookout for some funky new prints for your home/studio!


imageComb Your Moustache: Man Day is Back!

This is an article I had a lot of fun writing! Man Day looks like it is going to be so freaking cool, although I don’t know if I’d want to see the Sexiest Back Hair contest myself- how are you supposed to judge the sexiness of that? This is one I’d personally recommend checking out here, as it seriously looks like more fun than a disco in a van.



image’Free’ Beer comes at a Price, with Brewdogs

Would you get a company’s logo, if you could get their products free for life? Not if their logo is that lame, surely. Brewdogs are getting a lot of slack about this in the media right now, so I thought I’d remind you guys here: no one is forcing these idiots to be tattooed!


imageThese Blue Arms

Amund Dietzel is a guy who I’d honestly never heard of until I saw this book being mentioned on Needles and Sins (see the source for the article). However, after a little reading, I think I’ll check out this book which is coming out next week, about his life and works. It looks really cool, and will give another insight to how tattooing was “back in the day”. Find out more here.


imageBONUS: Hell City Tattoo Festival

Sometimes at Tattoo.TV, I’m allowed out of my cage to cause mayhem write about non-news items. It’s away from the comfort zone, but it’s not all bad, especially when you get to write about what’s going to be going down at Hell City in Phoenix this year. This convention looks awesome, I wish I could go! Find out more here.


And that’s all for this time! I’d just like to point out though, I’ve spoken to some lovely people this week who’ve helped me out with a lot of things, especially when this site was offline this week! Thanks very much everyone, Tattoo.TV’s definitely where all the awesome people are!

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