So yes, we are back…

I promised an explanation, so here it is, everyone! I’m a lot happier and calmer now the site is back, so I think I’m alright to keep this short, haha.

Basically WordPress deleted us. Their reason was because of the links at the side of the page, because they are in a banner form. These are links to the wonderful studio who do my tattoos (in fact, after their wonderful Christmas present to me, my Michael Jackson portrait on my foot, I decided to give them the link to say thank you) and a lovely girl called Maxine I went to college with, who makes adorable jewellery. They’re in banners, because WordPress doesn’t give you a chance to give thanks to your friends in a more personal way than a crappy (and ugly!) links list. This is not, as WordPress said, a website designed to run advertising and make money. You can see this just by reading the website. I write this because I love to, and I have never made money from it.

We are back, of course, and I’ve never been happier to say something like that! If WordPress decides to delete this site again (without warning too, don’t you know), we will come back, as last night proved!

If you ever can’t access this website, check – whatever is set in place will always be at this address.

I can’t thank you enough for your support- the messages I received were lovely. I didn’t realise so many of you loved this site! Thank you so much for your support, kind words, patience and understanding. Everything is back to normal, and if I can’t keep my eyes open to post something cool tonight, expect this site to be completely back on form tomorrow.

Mel Noir

PS- Your fantastic contributions to the charity Children Mending Hearts have not gone to waste. They’re still there, and you’re still welcome to add more with the box to your right.

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