The Tattoo Chronicles by Kat Von D

imageI’m not going to lie, I personally don’t like this chick. You lot on the other hand, seem to always be curious on what she’s up to, so I guess it would be selfish not to write about it. This post goes out to Erin Spencer especially, who told me on our Facebook page she’d love to hear about the book.

So yes, as you can see, Kat Von D has a new book out. It’s set to be released on October 26, though there is no word on if that’s Worldwide, I know a lot of you emailed me last year from the UK frustrated with mixed up dates.

The book seems like it goes along the same lines as the last one, with loads of pictures of tattoos she’s done. Hopefully we don’t see lists of “my favourite things” or a life story, just some work she’s done. Kat never really puts any of her work out there, really, so anything that says she’s actually been working all this time wouldn’t really go amiss, would it?

Sorry, I’m not being very nice about her- one thing that seems cool about this book is who’ll be in it. Some of those included in her book are The Mars Volta, Dave Navarro, Keith Flint, Kings of Leon and Denise Richards (no Matt Skiba this time? Lame). If I end up with a copy of this book, I can at least be excited about that, yes? It’s a little “Kat Von D and friends”, I admit, but ‘Tattoos’ was a little “Lal Hardy and friends”, and that book was great!

Like I said, October 26th, this thing lands. I hope this has made a couple of you happy ;) For the rest of us, some Thomas Hooper stuff coming up!

2 Responses to “The Tattoo Chronicles by Kat Von D”
  1. Ali says:

    Kat fucking rocks. She is one of the best tattooists on the planet!!

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  1. […] except for Metal Orchestra. That is simply because I just don't like Denim blue shadow that muKat Von D – I love Kat Von D palettes but to my surprise this one was a dissapointment. I own all of her […]

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