BBC Supporting the Laws We Need: Finally!

imageHonestly, this news feels as if it’s come from nowhere, but it’s fantastic to see! The BBC has put their best reporters on the job to have a look at unlicensed tattooing, and how unsafe it can be. They’ve really pulled the boat out with this one, with an article, a few radio shows (one featuring Rat from Real Art, who tells us his name is Alan, haha!) and even a TV spot on BBC2 this week- wow!

I’m amazed, yet extremely happy that an institution such as the BBC is highlighting the dangers of unsafe and unlicensed tattooing. Since jumping into the deep end of the “tattoo world” as a fresh faced 18 year old, I’ve always been able to see that more people need to be educated about tattooing, because information isn’t available enough to the public. Shows and articles like this are really going to highlight things that people need to know, and I’m loving this! Here’s a run down of what I’ve seen today, though I hear there was a lot of stuff on Radio 5 this morning, and a TV spot on the local news (that’s Newcastle local, haha), so I’ll put in whatever else I find for you all.

BBC article by Lila Allen

BBC Radio Leicester Tony Wadsworth (BBC iPlayer, UK only- available until the 30th) Skip to 1hr 40mins

Revealed: Tattoos (on BBC tomorrow afternoon, at 2.00, then will be available on BBC iPlayer for a week)

Hopefully I’ll be able to record the TV show tomorrow (you know how technology is though!), so if you guys miss it, and iPlayer isn’t an option, I may put a link up to that, depending on how many people want to see it, and if I’d get into trouble for doing so!

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