Help us give Art to Underprivileged Kids


Where the Hell have I been all day, you ask? Sorting this cool shit out, that’s what.

If I can divert your attention, just for a second, away from the lovely pictures of tattoos and to the sidebar, you may notice something new- we now have a section on the sidebar where you can help out some kids who’s really appreciate it, through an amazing charity called Children Mending Hearts.

How much will it set you back? Absolutely sod all– through a service called SocialVibe, sponsors take your actions and turn it into money. How cool is that? I’ve had a small play around with it, and it seems that for every question you answer, these kids get 10 more minutes of an art lesson they wouldn’t have had before. Since art is something that’s very important to us, I decided to choose this charity, so we can share with these kids what we see in it all. However, if this is fairly successful, I might choose a different charity each month for us all, and you’d be more than welcome to help me choose!

So, since you’re bored (don’t lie, you’re on this site!), give it a little click and answer a question- I swear,it took me about 20 seconds!

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  1. […] Charities are a great thing, and everyone should probably support at least one. Here at Tattoosday UK, there are three main charities we like to support. As you can see just from looking around the site, we wholeheartedly support the West Memphis Three, the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, and Children Mending Hearts. We found a way for you to give to Children Mending Hearts without it costing you a penny. Please, please, click on this link and help. Read more >> […]

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