Awesome R2D2 Tattoo by Steve Whittenberger


You have no idea how stoked I am that Krysti let me post this. I found this tattoo online, looking through her site- Krysti is a girl after my own heart- she loves Nintendo, comic books and super powers- awesome!

I love this tattoo, I really do. I love that it is of R2D2, I love how it is in a traditional style and I love how it is shaded.

The tattoo was given to her by her fiancé, Steve Whittenberger @ Rockabilly Tattoo in Lauderhill, FL. After a quick look around his blog, I’ve decided I love his work. Another name to keep your eye out for, I reckon.

I’ll leave you with a quote from the blog post Krysti put up about the tattoo, which I love:

C3PO: I would much rather have gone with Master Luke than stay here with you. I don’t know what all this trouble is about, but I’m sure it must be your fault. [angry beeps from R2] You watch your language!

5 Responses to “Awesome R2D2 Tattoo by Steve Whittenberger”
  1. Guy says:

    So cool that a girl has this though, usually it’s the guys who geek out.
    Looks great!

    (it is, however, backwards…
    Unless the picture shown is from a mirror?
    Then the Beep Boop would be backwards.)

    • Mel Noir says:

      Hey Guy!

      I love how it’s a girl’s tattoo too- if you check out Kristi’s website you’ll see she’s the coolest nerd around, haha.

      Y’know, I’m also a bit of a nerd, which meant I had an R2D2 toy to take a look at to compare.. I dunno if it’s because my toy is a cheap piece of crap, but I can’t see where you’re getting at, how is it backwards? It looked the same in comparison to my crappy piece of plastic, haha.

      Mel x

      EDIT: By the way, totally not saying Kristi’s tattoo looks like a cheap plastic piece of shit, haha- I just realised how that looked!

      • David says:

        Guy is right.. R2 is backwards! doh! All the details are a mirror reverse of the ‘real’ thing. i.e. the little slots on the body should be on the other side, the two yellow lights shown on his dome (the logic displays) should be on the other side.. etc etc. maybe it was done on purpose as it looked better facing that way so they just reversed the drawing.

        A link to this got posted on the R2Builders forum.. most people probably wouldn’t notice that it is back to front, but when you’re building one you start to learn every little detail….

        “Wait… wait. Oh, my! What have you done? I’m BACKWARDS. You flea-bitten furball! Only an overgrown mop-head like you would be stupid enough—” C-3PO ;-)

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