Tattoo.TV Round-up

I’ve been such a scatter-brain lately. When was the last time we had one of these? Not to worry, here I am to fill you in! Admittedly, it’s been rather hard to find things to write about for Tattoo.TV lately, since I have to focus on the news (hint: Angelina Jolie may be pretty, but it is not news if she has a new tattoo). Hopefully there’ll be more to write about next week! As always, Tattoosday UK is not affiliated with Tattoo.TV in any way, this is just some shit I wrote for someone else which you might like.


New Tattoo Laws in Minnesota

If you live in the area, it’s time to brush up on some new laws regarding tattooing! One main law is that anyone under 18, whether they have parental permission or not, can no longer be tattooed. It’s worth the wait, kids! Find out everything here.



Herbert Hoffman, 1919 – 2010

As you may have read on this site here on the 1st, Herbert Hoffman, the oldest working tattoo artist in the world, died aged 90 the afternoon before. In respect to Herbert, I also posted up an article on Tattoo.TV as a sign of great respect to such a fantastic tattoo artist. You can see that here




Manakin Tattoo Studio Needs Your Help!

This story is about a fire which broke out in Manakin Tattoo Studio in California, which has basically screwed over Josh Hibbard, the owner, and everyone else working there. Want to see how you can help? Click here then!


imageNatural Mystic- the World’s First Eco- Friendly Studio

This was a nice piece of news to write- this is about a tattoo studio which has been built specifically to be a little more green. If you think about how much electricity is needed to give a tattoo, you may agree that this studio is the dog’s bollocks for this! See how it works here.


Sarah Schor is Moving Away!

Look, I also wish I could write a snappy headline like “Sarah set for a new Schor”, but I’m just not as cool as Alex Guest, okay? Either way, we’re all sad to see Sarah go- but excited because she’ll be joining one of my favourite studios, New York Adorned! I said “one of my favourites”, don’t get pissy. Find out some more about it here!

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