Photoshop: Helping Cheats Lie to their Customers!

I’m disappointed today. After talking with friends about a certain tattoo artist who I loved, I found out something that really changed my opinion of him- most of his pictures in his portfolios are actually photoshopped. And I mean, really photoshopped. I’m really disappointed in this, I thought this artist was one of the best in the world. Anyway, this got me to thinking, how many more artists use Photoshop to make their work look better? How many artists lie to their customers on a day to day basis.

A good friend of mine, Rat (at Real Art Tattoo Studio), never uses Photoshop. He turns the camera towards his work, presses the button and that’s it. He’s a great artist, and doesn’t need any of that crap- he has customers every day. I decided to have a little experiment, and Photoshop one of his pictures (and also a personal favourite of mine of his work!).

Rattattoo    Ratshopped

Oh wow! Look at the border! Look at the crisp, dark linework! (Ignore the fact it looks even more red because Noir can’t use Photoshop!) Look at the fancypants writing! Yeah, this is exactly the same tattoo as the one to your left, I didn’t touch the tattoo at all, just played with contrast.

If you take a look at both of those pictures, I hope you can see that it doesn’t matter what a picture looks like, it’s the artist’s work which is important here. With Rat’s pictures, what you see is what you get, and this is what should matter to tattoo artists, not how good their work looks on a screen or a magazine, but what it looks like on their customer.

This is Mel Noir asking tattoo artists, “can you please not disappoint me again? Can I still be friends with your lovely portfolios?”. I’m sure there are plenty of artists who use all sorts of trickery to make their pictures look better, but you’ll never gain a thing from it if your customers are mislead and thought of as stupid.

If you’re looking for an artist and you’re not sure whether their photos have also went through some heavy editing, get in touch! I’ll do my best to try and help you decide whether those pictures speak a thousand words, or a million lies.

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