Crimson Iris: The Art of Sophie


As someone who supports wholeheartedly the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, this news is something I find lovely, and I hope you do too. Sophie’s boyfriend, Robert Malby, has created a new exhibit which was on display last month at Manchester’s Afflecks.

The exhibit provokes so many different feelings of hope and faith, but also despair, and are inspired by Sophie herself. Each piece is beautifully painted, and is an inspiring tribute to Sophie, who was brutally killed in 2007.

The news of this exhibit came to me just a little too late, although I still appreciate all of your emails. The exhibit is over, though, you can still see some of the paintings at the BBC’s article here.

To find out more about Sophie Lancaster, click here, and more importantly, click here to donate to the foundation.

2 Responses to “Crimson Iris: The Art of Sophie”
  1. Jemmy says:

    I heard about this only last week :( So disappointed I couldn’t get to it. I’m a big supporter of the S.O.P.H.I.E foundation and I would have loved to have seen Robert Malby’s work first-hand. From what I’ve seen from the photos his artwork uses some compelling colours and are very evocative. He clearly put his heart and soul into each piece. I wish him every success in the future and hope more people will support the cause he stands for!

    Jemmy x

    • Mel Noir says:

      I couldn’t put it better myself, his work is absolutely fantastic. I wanted to write more about that, to be honest, but when it comes to the foundation I always try not to let any news over- shadow the fact people need to be donating money and helping out whenever they can.

      If you can hold out for just a while, I’ll be able to (hopefully!) give you some news on what we’ll be doing ourselves to help out, as well as another project I may be featured in too.

      Thank you again for reading, Jemmy, glad to be among people who also support S.O.P.H.I.E.

      Mel Noir x

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