In Virginia? Spend your Independence Day Here for a Great Cause


While the general mood around tattooing on this side of the waters is a little off today, let me cheer you guys up by reminding you all what great things can come from tattooing. The guy you see to your left is Greg Duffek, who is holding a fundraiser at his studio in Colonial Heights, for a little girl called Hannah who is 11. Hannah has multiple disabilities, has to be fed with a tube and is unable to walk or talk, and her family are constantly put under strain looking for suitable car seats, insurance and other things that should really be available easily to them. Tugs your heartstrings, doesn’t it? Thankfully, Greg is at hand with another fundraiser.

Greg has hosted fundraisers before, to benefit a local burns victim, a thanksgiving food drive and the “tats for tots” Christmas fundraiser too. This time, he will be spending his July 4th raising as much money as possible to help Hannah and her family afford things which will make Hannah’s life a little more comfortable and stimulating. Greg feels so passionate about Hannah’s cause, that if the studio raises $500, he will let her cut off his prized beard!

If you live in the area and aren’t too busy on July 4th, it would be great if you could get along. You can find out more information from our source, here.

From Tattoosday UK, I’d like to wish everyone the best for the fundraiser, and for Hannah’s health and happiness!

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