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First off, let me apologise for yesterday’s lack of updates- we had some real technical difficulties yesterday which resulted in not being able to use the software used to update the site. These things happen from time to time, all I can really do is apologise! So, a little belated, here is the news. As always, Tattoosday UK is not affiliated with Tattoo.TV in any way, this is just some shit I wrote for someone else which you might like.



Mike Grant’s new Flash Book Out [This] Week!

Mike Grant has released the second volume of his flash book, called Americana Tattoo Flash. Since this story was written a week ago, the book is out now, and I’d suggest taking a look at it! As the title indicates, it’s all very old school American, and a lot of fun to see. A lot of it is still original work though, so don’t be put off by it having an old school theme! Find it here.


imageNew York’s Artists Present Metanoia

Some fantastic artists, including tattooists, have put on a new exhibit in New York called Metanoia. The exhibit features tattoo artists like Thomas Hooper, Chris O’Donnell and Jason June. Live nearby? Find out the details here then!



Get Real. Get Tested.

The Life Foundation in Hawaii is using the temporary tattoo as a novel way to make people really stand up and take note of their message: get tested for HIV. What a great way to grab the attention of others! Find out more here.


imageTantrix Fundraiser for Gulf Coast

We all know about the BP oil spill now- but what do we know of what’s being done? According to Tantrix Body Art in Canada, not enough, which is why they’re holding a fundraiser for the Turtle Hospital in Florida to help treat the turtles who are battling for their lives. It’s a lovely idea, one of which you can read more on here.


And that’s yer lot for this week, folks!

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  1. […] art shows on lately it’s sometimes actually hard to keep up! While a big fuss has been made about Metanoia, this show has been out of the spotlight. This Saturday, if you can, try to make it down to this […]

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