One Year On: Tattoo Tributes to The King.

What were you doing this time last year? If you’re anything like me, you were sitting at your computer refreshing news pages while Sky News played in the background, telling us all that Michael Jackson, the world’s biggest entertainer, had passed away.

A whole year has passed, and while a lot of people are still actually quite sad over Michael’s death, we’ve seen some great ways which people have been paying tribute- including some of these remarkable tattoos.

Since this isn’t really news, I won’t put too much into here, but if you’d like to head over to Needles and Sins here, you’ll find a great post about it by Marisa Kakoulas.

FUN FACT: Did you know Michael Jackson had his own tattoo? After a horrific incident on the set of a Pepsi advert, Michael lost some of his hair in a fire, which wouldn’t grow back. Some of the “hair” you saw close to Michael’s scalp wasn’t there- it was in fact a cosmetic tattoo!

image  Michael


4 Responses to “One Year On: Tattoo Tributes to The King.”
  1. dave dardis says:

    oh my goodness…you should really do your home work the picture you have of the tatooist and customer doing micheal jackson the tattooist is dave reid his studio is on langworthy road he should not be tattooing he is worst than a scratcher only difference is hes being allowed to ruin peoples skin legally…please look him up dave reid, the wizard, langworthy road….please dont encourage people to go his studio by putting him on here please look him up if you doubt me.

  2. Mel says:

    Hmm… well, I’ve done a google search, and I’ve found nothing but a website with no pictures, loads of yellow pages style directory listings, and a facebook group that says he’s shit, with only 29 people in it. To be honest, I’m seeing that you’re probably right, but if that’s all I can find, you could easily be someone in the local area trying to cause a rift between businesses, I’m always wary of people who come online to rip on other studios, as you can probably understand.

    Do you have anything that actually proves this guy shouldn’t be tattooing? Pictures, knowledge, etc? It’s all hearsay in your comment up there.

    Also, as a side note, I really don’t take kindly to you suggesting I do my homework. There are thousands of tattoo artists in the world, it’s impossible to know about every single one. I, and my other writers, do a good job on this website, so I’ll have none of that, thanks.

    You prove to me that this guy isn’t legit, and I’ll take it down ;)

    • dave dardis says:

      sorry was not meaning to be disrepectful to you or any of your writers.Just trying to let you know about studio..As i said its not sour grapes just thought you may not have wanted your site associated with a studio such as…I have myself reported him for not wearing gloves if you look at the photo u will notice the big rings which dont come off whilst tattooing..He is also being sued by a girl whose hand has all bled underneath!!!! So hes written up his own disclaimer forms since as he did not use them before this incident.. again as you say it could just be me but i have nothing to gain…Anyway my apologies again i really did not mean to offend… Great site by the way

      • Mel says:

        Y’know, you seem pretty genuine- though I just felt pretty sick at that comment about him not wearing gloves, are you serious?! Eugh, that’s disgusting.
        Thanks for the heads up, and I apologise for not really taking it too seriously before- I get a LOT of bullshitters emailing me about studios, but you seem genuine. Cheers, it’ll be taken down soon.
        Hope you still enjoy visiting the site :) Feel free to let me know what happens with this loser :)

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