New Website: Tattoo Road Trip



There’s a new kid in town, and I’m already jealous. This the new website by Bob Baxter shares the name of his book, which looks at tattoos all over America and Canada, so I guess it’s safe to assume this site will work towards the same theme. As you can see, it looks beautiful, and is full of great bits and pieces including a crossword by Myles Mellor, a comic strip called The Pizz and some features on Andy Engel and the New York 2010 convention. A lot of the site is under constuction, but it didn’t stop me from spending ages checking it out! This is a great website, a real “one-to-watch”!

Tattoo Road Trip

4 Responses to “New Website: Tattoo Road Trip”
  1. Mary Gardner says:

    Thanks Mel for the kind words and righteous plug for our new enterprise, Stay tuned to daily additions of feature stories on the fine art of tattooing.

  2. Uncle Tim says:

    Yes, thanks, Mel. we’re all very excited and have high hopes for a project that should rival printed media very quickly. Imagine……no more camping out by your mailbox waiting for the next issue. No more silly little black rectangles everywhere and no more penis enlargement ads next to the article on Negrito tattooing. No more chasing the apprentice around the shop to get my copy back , either. Yes, Mel….things are looking up in the tattoo world.

    • Mel says:

      You’re right to have high hopes there, Uncle Tim! I think the project will go pretty far, it’s already one of my favourites. Things are definitely looking up, I’m excited about great projects like this freeing up information to everyone, and not just those who can afford to spend around £30-£40 a month on magazines (I sure as hell can’t, haha!). You guys are awesome, keep it up man! :) x

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