Last Fortnight on Tattoo.TV

I’ve had a couple of emails asking what happened to the Tattoo.TV roundup last week, and it’s actually pretty simple- with me being away at the Download Festival, I hadn’t written enough to clog up your RSS feeds. Instead, here’s a whole two weeks’ worth of Tattoo.TV updates! As always, Tattoosday UK is not affiliated with Tattoo.TV in any way, this is just some shit I wrote for someone else which you might like.


Barth Makes His Mark

So, Mario Barth debuted a new television show in the UK called Marked. It seems to be mostly about criminal tattoos and looks kind of interesting, but to be honest, I still don’t own a TV, so if it’s crap, don’t blame me! Read more here.


New Flash from Chris O’Donnell

Chris O’Donnell is a fantastic artist. It’s true. If you’re anything like me and hate the fact he lives too far away from you to be covered in his artwork, you can take a little solace in the fact he’s released some more great flash, which features loads of the usual O’Donnell eye-poppers, like the tiger you see to your right! To find out where to get your hands on some, click here.


Art with a Pulse is Back!

Art with a Pulse always reminds me of those snobby people you see who say “it’s good, but is it art?”. Art with a Pulse shows that tattoos can, in fact, be a beautiful part of the arts and can be displayed in galleries too! If you want to see the show, which is in Scunthorpe in England, you can click here and find out more.



The Most Expensive Tattoo in the World!

I really hope that anyone who reads this never complains about the price of a tattoo ever again. That being said, I know most of you are pretty cool and never complained before this! This is the most expensive tattoo in the world, made of diamonds, and of course, isn’t even permanent. It isn’t even a set of dermal implants. But it is beautiful. Find out why here.


Bizarre Cover Star Competition- Not Long Now!

Last, but of course not least, is the news that Bizarre magazine’s Cover Star competition is drawing to a close. This is the biggest alternative model competition in the world, so it’s kind of a big deal. If you want to enter, you now have less than a week to enter! Find out everything here.




That’s all for this time, folks! The roundup will be back next week, regular as clockwork from now on.

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