Is Angel the Youngest Tattoo Blogger In the World? Probably!

When I was 10, I was spending my time collecting Pokemon cards, pretending I could skate like a pro and watching Thundercats religiously. Angel, on the other hand, is a lot cooler than me. This plucky 10 year old is already a tattoo blogger, with her own website, Tattoo Sprout!

Angel’s mam is Kristel Oreto, who’s clearly raised her kid to be pretty awesome- this means that not only can Angel give a good perspective on tattooing from a kid’s point of view (something most can only speculate on), but she already really knows her shit. I’m not kidding here, she already has on her site an interview with Jeremy Miller, and plans to write her first book while she’s still young! I can’t say I’m not slightly jealous. I mean, the Thundercats were cool and all, but I have nothing on this kid.

To see for yourself, go to !

6 Responses to “Is Angel the Youngest Tattoo Blogger In the World? Probably!”
  1. angel oreto says:

    Thanks so much for writing this article of me. I really like it alot. I collect pokemon cards too. Thanks agian man.

    • Mel says:

      It’s no bother Angel, I hope you enjoy writing- it’s pretty fun! If you ever come over to the UK for a tattoo convention and I’m there, we’re having a Pokemon battle. Oh yes ;) x

  2. Joe Tattoo says:

    cool story.. awesome kid..

  3. You are awesome Angel!

  4. Elise says:

    Awesome feature. Congrats Angel!

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