2010’s Peterlee Convention

This review is belated, to say the least. My apologies for that- I’d explain why, but it’s all very boring and deals with permissions and things! Better late than never, eh?


The Peterlee Tattoo Convention has found great success over the past seven years. Held at the end of March every year, the show sees local and international artists doing what they know and love in a friendly and fun environment. This year saw the convention’s 8th annual convention, and we were there to see what went on.

This year’s convention fell on a sunny yet bitterly cold day. If I remember right, we’ve seen this weather at the convention before, which I find strange yet fantastic, as the sun keeps the smiles on everyone’s faces. After battling with a GPS system, I finally found my way to the convention, which had already started. This year’s convention had a different “feel” from the start- everyone was noticeably a lot happier and positive this year. That isn’t to say that theyDSCN0453 weren’t before, by the way, it’s just that this year saw absolutely everyone involved having a great time! Speaking of which, John Anderson, who we met at the convention, should win some sort of award for Most Cheerful Tattoo Artist!

Peterlee’s convention runs like many other conventions, in the way that the whole event runs around the tattoo competition. The organisers seem to take great pride in their competition, and rightly so- this year we saw some amazing work in the seventeen categories, mostly from local tattoo artists. Dark Passions studio seemed to have the most customers in the competition, and the work shown was fantastic. We also managed to see aDSCN0465 great piece done at the show by Lee Piercy, which was put in for best of show.

The amount of artists at this year’s convention was a welcome sight- in total, 34 artists came down for the day to tattoo. For a convention this size, that runs only for a day, 34 artists is a fantastic achievement for the organisers. Within the sea of artists, we managed to catch a glimpse of Katt at Dark Passions, Lee Piercy at Global Tattoo Studio, Ben Stone at Lifetime Tattoo Studio and Tony at Ink VS Steel, all hard at work! The quality of work achieved at this convention  outdid previous conventions at Peterlee, and it seems that the excellence of work improves every year.

The convention was held in front of a background of a fantastic show on stage, DSCN0457also, which I always find great for those friends you have to drag along who don’t particularly care for tattoos. This year we saw a solo artist, a band called The Arrival and Mamzelle Fifi, who unfortunately had a small mishap with her music, yet went on with the show like a real trooper!

We also saw some great community spirit with the likes of Eddie’s Charity Mop Chop, where artist Eddie Hardiman had his hair cut off for charity, the poor soul! More prominently, Peterlee’s Art Fusion went ahead again, which really shows off the convention’s sense of community and charity. Art Fusion has been at the convention since 2006, in memory of a friend of the convention’s, Tony Young. Art Fusion is a great thing to witness: basically, at the side of the stage, artists and tattooists will voluntarily place their work on paper, rotating aroundDSCN0469 every two minutes until a piece is complete- this piece is then sold, this year for charity. The sense of warmth and appreciation towards those who are involved in tattooing is a real backdrop for the convention, making everyone there feel involved.

Overall, we had a fantastic time at the convention. The artists involved were fantastic, the entertainment was top notch and everyone had a great big smile on their face! For their sense of community, friendliness and fun, we’d recommend Peterlee to anyone wanting a great Sunday afternoon.

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