Cover Up Tattoos


Hello lovelies! I apologise for the lack of posts yesterday, I’ve been pretty busy again. I’m also pretty tired right now, but I thought I’d just post up something about cover up tattoos we find ourselves telling a lot of people in the studio. Many people come in looking for cover up tattoos, or to have theirs fixed. Just so you guys know, most custom shops won’t touch up or re-work someone else’s work, so you may be looking for a cover up instead. Of course, many customers don’t realise what is actually do-able with a cover up, and that’s fine by the way, you don’t have to be an expert, that’s your artist’s job! Anyways, just a gentle reminder, any cover up tattoo must be darker and bigger than the tattoo you wish to cover up! As long as you keep that in mind, you should find your cover up plans a lot easier.

If you’d like to see some funny tattoo cover up tattoos, you can click on today’s Oddee post, which you can find here. I have to say though, the ones along the lines of the picture above are more outstanding than funny!

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