Gods Of Ink? Don’t Make Me Laugh.. Bitterly.


Readers in the UK may recognize this grimacing mess being tattooed as Kerry Katona, being filmed here for her show Crazy in Love. Five months pregnant. No lie. Head tattooist Mark, self proclaimed benefit cheat, should be ashamed of himself, however, he seems proud of the fact. “Gods Of Ink Tattoo: As Seen And Filmed On MTV” is what’s plastered all over their website, along with pictures of other peoples’ work and garish pictures of footballer Wayne Rooney. Three words spring to mind when it comes to this joke: just don’t bother.

Thanks to Hayley Parkin, who knows a real tattoo artist doesn’t think of money or MTV.


Edit- ended up disabling comments, because I won’t be spoken to in the manner these morons have tried to speak to me in. Moderation guidelines will follow later this week on the site. Have respect, or fuck off out of my face; it’s not hard.

21 Responses to “Gods Of Ink? Don’t Make Me Laugh.. Bitterly.”
  1. laubrau says:


    Thought you might enjoy this absolute shambles of a tattoo (in many ways) :)

  2. Daniel turner says:

    I had a cover up tattoo here. A few years ago and they absolutely ruined my right arm! I’m gutted as I don’t think there are any other options other than lazer removal, which is expensive and leaves terrible blisters!!!

    • Mel Noir says:

      Gutted for you, mate! It’s such a shame to see stuff like that happening. In all honesty, if forgotten that I’d even written this until last night when I noticed people sharing it- looks like you’re not the only one man :(

  3. tim says:

    I had a tat by mark the sack off shit and my mum had an, as he put it “aprentis”…. My mums looks amazing and he completly messed my rite arm. Its off center by 2 inch, its wonky and it dosnt even look anything like the pic off my sis. Yes he told us he could do my r.i.p peace for my lil sis.after letting it heal i went back and he laphed in my face and sed i had no prof it was him. He sed id hav to go to cort…. There all basterds.

  4. Rich says:

    It’s about time gods of ink got closed down, they are nothing but scratchers working in an unclean studio with no skill or talent between them. Every bit or work they do is overpriced and the finished item looks shit. The people of Worcester need to stand up and say no to these guys. They try to bully and intimidate other studios using their bike gang backing as a threat!! Why are people still going to them for ink? I know of 4studios in Worcester that will not touch anything they have started and I know of one who will double his usual rate to cover up or correct work from these guys. Take note people gods of ink are only after one thing and that is you’re hard earned money!!

    • Mr Tucker says:

      Scratchers lol I don’t think so they are better then most other studios I know, unclean studio ha ah ha your joking they are the cleanest I have ever seen a studio and bad work erm I think we are on about other artist not gods of ink

  5. S says:

    the most honest page on their website http://www.godsofink2.com/recommendations

  6. Mel Noir says:

    Thank you for leaving your comments, guys! This is why it’s always worth checking out a tattooer’s reputation before getting tattooed, and always look at their work! You can see some sound advice from Mike Stratton in the “before you get tattooed” section at the top of the site, if you’re feeling a bit stuck!

    I think that the ‘Gods of Ink’ guys don’t think I haven’t noticed them putting a thumbs down on their ex-clients’ comments on this page. Don’t worry, I can see you :)

  7. Dave says:

    They are horrible people who think that are amazing think threatening people is ok. And making people feel small when they do something they don’t like. Every time they fuck up a town for them selfs they move somewhere else they need to grow the fuck up get a life and stop tattooing until they have a real grip on life the pricks, sorry for the language they rial me well and truly shit work shit attitude and they have no morals people like that karma bites in the arse with a sledge hammer !!!!

    • Mr Tucker says:

      What a sad bunch of people you are ! No life to get on with and this is just sad , I mean look at the so called reporter who has wrote this ! That is if that is what you can call her ? She looks a bit ruff around the face and that hair is not nice ! And I don’t think she has a real job as she would not need to do stuff like this , another sad wannabe reporter who is bitter at her life and does not realise the chance of being taken to court for her attack on people , guess it will be foreign ones next ? Grow up it’s not national news reporting just some sill gothic girl who has a grudge and a free sad followers , oh well small minds and all that x

      • Mr Tucker says:

        And may I add there is an interesting thing about the reporter ( so called ) her address will be posted by morning lol good night x

      • Mel Noir says:

        How can you claim to know my address but not what I do for a living? I’m really sorry that you don’t like my hair though, I can see that this is what’s really important about this post.

    • Mr Tucker says:

      They are wonderful people and do nothing but good for others

    • Mr Tucker says:

      Actually they open up new studios and don’t ruin there business if they close a shop it’s because it is not in a busy enough area

      • Bon says:

        Excuse me but if that’s true then y is there a eviction note on the old shop window saying that beliefs have taken his equipment

  8. Bon says:

    Mark did a horrible tattoo on my mom he says he will do nice designs but just disappoints he said he was going to do a nice design on my moms arm and coloured half of it completely black he hade wonky lines and made extra lines where the should not be and he also shouted at my sister 12 Year old sister who has special needs and when confronted by the monstrosity of a tattoo he threatens my disabled mother with bikers

    • Mr Tucker says:

      Oh that’s a lie he would never do that how date you make him out to be a bad person

      • Bon says:

        You can call me a liar but I was there so I know there truth and also I have call history on my moms phone where he phoned her wile she was with her kids and baby nethu threatening and slagging her. Of

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