Artist Tattoos Live Pigs

Via The Organic Artist

Via The Organic Artist

Belgian tattoo artist Wim Delvoye has an unusual art form. Working in Beijing, he tattoos live pigs. The work is expected to be displayed in art galleries once the pigs die. Tattoo art is well overdue an exhibit in an art gallery, but is the abuse worth it?

Obviously the pigs are anesthetized while the tattoo process is done- but how can one keep a tattoo on an animal from becoming infected? I highly doubt the pigs suffer no pain because of this, as I can imagine a lot of the tattoos getting infected, even if the infection is minor. Furthermore, there is no way the pig could agree to this. One may argue that we would never do this to a person just because they don’t have the ability to talk to us, why do it to an animal?

There is another side to this argument, that Deb from The Organic Artist puts forward on her blog:

I honestly do NOT like this…BUT……If it makes the pig more valuable, AND keeps them from being killed….I say go for it!

Their increased value will protect them from being killed, but is it worth putting a pig through this abuse so that it can live longer? I have to admit, after thinking about it, I’m still sitting on the fence. It isn’t too bad, since it prolongs the life of the animal, but I’m not sure if this is a way someone should go about it.

You can find out more information on The Organic Artist, which is a really cool website.

4 Responses to “Artist Tattoos Live Pigs”
  1. Sofia says:

    ignorants- live pigs? and its expected when is dead? fuckin assholes- LIBERACION ANIMAL

    • Mel says:

      Awful, right? This isn’t the only case of forced tattooing of animals either, I’m afraid- there are some weird people in the world, and some great examples of why tattooing should be only for professionals!

  2. dee says:

    TERRIBLE!!!!!!! animale cruelty! tattoo on people who have say and can speak about pain instead of innocent animals! you are terrible people! stupid ignorant people!

    • Mel Noir says:

      I agree, it’s pretty damn terrible. Mind what you say though, because those last two sentences looked like you were saying I’m a terrible person, in which case I would have to laugh at your inability to read, haha. I’m sure you just meant Mr Delvoye, though.

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