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Hey guys, Mel Noir here. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you have probably noticed the lack of updates to this blog recently. I hope I’m not disappointing you too much, but this will continue to happen on this blog from now on. After six years of writing and updating this blog, there’s … Continue reading

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Brighton Tattoo Convention, by Addison Duggan

My buddy Addison went to the Brighton Tattoo Convention last month, and it was another fantastic show! He has some brilliant photos he would like to share with you. Addison is a fantastic photographer- I would strongly recommend checking out his work here! Thanks again Addison! :)

Gary Wiedenhof

New Booking Info- Gary Wiedenhof

I’m sure you have seen posts on here before letting you know when Gary Wiedenhof is opening his books. He’s an extremely busy and popular tattooer, and it’s actually sometimes really hard to get an appointment with him. So that you don’t miss out at all, I thought I should let you know that Gary … Continue reading


Worst. Tattoos. Ever.

There’s always something quite charming about a group of people who are absolutely devoted to something fun and quirky. It’s even better when those people are more than happy to devote some of their own skin to it. The Simpsons Tattoos instagram page certainly shows this very well, with their collection of some of the … Continue reading


No Regrets?

I’ve been trying to find a way to start this blog post for what feels like forever. I’ve written various first sentences, then deleted them. In reality, I think I only need to tell you this to show what’s grinding my gears: someone has a left shark tattoo. If you’re not sure what I’m talking … Continue reading


Total Tattoo: Out Now!

Total Tattoo has a new issue out, and it looks absolutely fantastic! The magazine has had a bit of a makeover recently, and I love it. There are too many magazines that resemble the likes of Nuts or Zoo, but Total Tattoo has shown that they’re one of the classier tattoo magazines, resembling something an … Continue reading



Henning Jørgensen has just released a new book with Tattoo Life, which celebrates thirty years of his shop, the Royal Tattoo Studio. This book is split into two parts, showcasing some of Henning’s best work over the years, with the second part paying tribute to his work through other outstanding tattooers. This looks like it … Continue reading


Leeds Tattoo Expo: Tickets on Sale!

You may remember last year’s Leeds Tattoo Expo, the first of its kind in the city. If not, feel free to go here and see what went down! The organisers have released the first tickets for this year, with a bit of information about what will be happening at the show. It actually looks like … Continue reading


Otzi the Iceman: New Tattoos Found

We talk about tattoo history a fair amount on this site, but I think that it’s really cool to be able to trace back how tattooing has grown throughout the centuries. You may have seen already Otzi the Iceman mentioned here before, but if you haven’t you may like to look here. Basicaly, Otzi the … Continue reading


Zeke Owen Benefit – donate now

Zeke Owen has been a well liked and respected tattooer for many years now. His work has inspired so many tattooers and amazed every one of his clients. Unfortunately, however, like many of these older tattooers, he has now found himself in need of help due to poor health. I’m a little late to this … Continue reading


Gallery: Rat, Mandala Tattoo

You may have seen Rat’s fantastic work before on this site. He’s been a long time friend of the blog, and he’s always got something going on! He’s shared some recent work that needed to be put up on here. Rat can turn his hand to many different styles of tattooing, but his dotwork and … Continue reading

Screenshot (68)

Tattoos to Help Burn Victims

We’ve seen many times how tattooing can help those who have undergone mastectomies after having breast cancer, showing how the art form can help those positively deal with their experiences and scars. It’s awesome to see tattooing used in such a way, showing how many people can benefit from something that some people still see … Continue reading


Too Much, Too Soon?

I read an article today from the Yorkshire Evening Post about a young tattooer called Kaine Westmooreland who is making waves with his new tattoo shop. Kaine’s work seems great, and he seems to be someone who is working really hard to becoming a great tattooer. What’s interesting, though, is Kaine is 19 years old, … Continue reading


Infections are Gross

BBC soap Holby City seemed a little more disgusting last night when they showed what can happen when tattoos get infected! The latest episode shows on one of the main character’s daughters come into the hospital after being tattooed, as it becomes hugely infected, leaving us all to see what can happen if you don’t go … Continue reading

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