The Robin Hood Tattoo Festival- This Month!

A new tattoo convention in Nottingham is just about to have its first ever show, and it looks absolutely fantastic. On the 30th and 31st, the Robin Hood Tattoo Festival will be taking place, with a large proportion of the profits donated to our favourite charity, Macmillan Cancer Support. The artist list for this looks … Continue reading


Missing: Joe Myler UPDATE- FOUND! :)

Update: Joe has now been found, and he’s okay! Great news. Thank you to everyone who shared the news and helped find him. Important news from Love Hate Cork: Attention Cork City!!! One of the guys that just started working here at Love Hate Cork, Joe Myler from Waterford is missing since Monday. His wife, … Continue reading


Free Tattoo Lessons: WHY?

There’s a news story from the Daily Mail that you guys have been sending over to me quite a lot. Admittedly, I try to keep away from the Daily Mail, because it makes me angry when I read their usual closed-minded bullshit. This time though, I actually agree with it. They’ve published a story online … Continue reading


“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”

-Robin Williams

Screenshot (52)

Total Tattoo Magazine: Leeds Coverage

If you cast your mind back a couple of months, you can probably remember Neil Dallywater and I hanging out at the Leeds convention. The awesome thing about the internet is that my coverage of it was straight up on the site here, after only a day or two. The not-so-great thing about the internet … Continue reading


Macmillan Art Auction: THANK YOU!

Over the weekend, we held our art auction over Facebook. We’ve had such a fantastic response, so I wanted to add a quick message on here just to say THANK YOU! We’ve raised over £600 in one weekend, pushing our total further towards £2,500 raised. This is all super awesome, so thank you for donating! Don’t forget, it’s not over yet. We have one more raffle, where you can win a tattoo by Mark Bester, here. Get on it- you have ’till the 15th!



The art auction is NOW LIVE! Click here to be taken to it on Facebook, or click here to see more info first. I hope that we can raise a great amount of money with this- thank you for looking, sharing, and most importantly for donating. Let’s do this!


Review: Dutch Tattoo Studios

When Schiffer Publishing told me that they had a copy of my friend André van Zomeren’s book, Dutch Tattoo Studios, to give me, I got super excited instantly. I’ve known André for a while now, and I’ve even briefly worked on some small projects for him. He’s the go-to-guy for anything to do with the … Continue reading


Are Tattoo Artists Rich?

Anj Marth is a really cool tattooer and fantastic blogger. She’s been tattooing since the 90s, and works at High Priestess and Laughing Buddha in America, as well as a billion other things like photography, writing books, and graphic design. Her website is a total time-pit, as you’ll spend ages looking through everything there (and maybe … Continue reading


Macmillan Auction: The Goods

So, we’re getting so close to our art auction now! It’ll be on the 9th, and you’ll be able to find everything over at our Facebook page. Here’s how it’ll go down: On the 9th, we’ll post every picture that we have up in one album. We’ll link you to that album from here too, … Continue reading

Rowena Basil from Watford poses for a portrait with her tattooed lower legs.

Can’t Please Everyone

Every once in a while, you’ll see opinion pieces in mainstream media where someone starts randomly slagging off tattooing, just for the sake of people clicking on the links and reading it for adverts. It’s absolutely shameless, and I’ve always encouraged people to not even bother clicking on them, because those who click-bait should be … Continue reading


Review: Flash from the Bowery

Schiffer Publishing makes some really awesome tattoo books. One of those books is Flash From the Bowery, which they brought out just a couple of years ago. This book is an amazing glimpse at some of the work that was being done in the early twentieth century, straight from Cliff White, who put the book … Continue reading


Macmillan Update: Gray Silva and Lauren Spoors Prints!

Well, it’s been a couple of weeks since we had an update on our Macmillan fundraiser! Firstly, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve broken the £2,000 mark! Right now, our total is: Wow! This is all super amazing; thank you so much. We’re not even finished yet! We’ll have our auction on the 9th … Continue reading


Mint Gun Club Fundraiser: TOMORROW

If you’re around the Dunfermline area tomorrow, did you know you could get a tattoo from a really great shop for only £25? Not only that, but you could be doing it for a dog shelter called Any Dog’ll Do! Mikee Cue will be tattooing from this special flash sheet: Here’s some important information: PLEASE turn … Continue reading


Tattoo Artist Magazine: Now for Everyone!

Even though there are loads of tattoo magazines, there’s actually only a select few that are worth actually buying, in my opinion. One of those great magazines has always been Tattoo Artist Magazine, but before it was literally only for tattoo artists. It was always one of those things the rest of us who don’t … Continue reading

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