Tattoo Artist Magazine: Now for Everyone!

Even though there are loads of tattoo magazines, there’s actually only a select few that are worth actually buying, in my opinion. One of those great magazines has always been Tattoo Artist Magazine, but before it was literally only for tattoo artists. It was always one of those things the rest of us who don’t … Continue reading

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Time Lapse: Mat Lapping

Mat Lapping posted two really cool videos over the weekend that you need to check out. They’re both time lapse videos, of him completing two different tattoos. Both videos are a bit long, but they’re also really interesting for both tattooers and clients! Here’s the story, from his Facebook page: ✨FREE SHIT✨ So a couple … Continue reading


Den of Iniquity: Hiring Now

Den of Iniquity, an awesome shop in Scotland, is looking for some tattooers to join their crew. This is a great opportunity for anyone who has a really strong portfolio who’s looking for a shop to settle down in! The shop is really fantastic, and currently houses Ed Staples, Lewis Mckechnie, Just Jen, and Sam … Continue reading

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Win a Set of Uncle Allan Prints!

Originally posted on Tattoosday UK Macmillan Fundraiser:
So, you saw the prints last week- now it’s time to win some of them! From the prints that Uncle Allan has kindly donated, there is a full set here that we’re raffling on one of our JustGiving pages. It’s simple- one £5 donation is one raffle ticket-…


Love Hate Cork: Shop Preview

Ami James and Ross Nagle are opening up a new Love Hate tattoo shop in Cork, Ireland. It looks like it’ll be a really amazing shop, judging by who’ll be tattooing there! They’ve been uploading a lot on Instagram, and it seems their tattoo artist team will include Paul O’Rourke, Paul Aherne, Joe Myler, Damion Ross, and Ross … Continue reading

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Macmillan Fundraiser: French Stef’s New Tattoo!

I’m sure you guys remember the JustGiving raffle we had for a two hour session with Paul Butler for our fundraiser. It was very well received, and the lucky Stef won a great tattoo! She’s been down to see Paul now, and she has a couple of great photos from her day, that she’s been … Continue reading

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TedEd: What Makes Tattoos Permanent?

TedEd is an absolutely fantastic place to learn about pretty much anything. If you’ve got a question, you can put a safe bet on TED having the answer. In fact, not only will they know the answer, but they’ll be able to put it in a video that’s easy for any of us idiots to … Continue reading


Macmillan Fundraiser: Uncle Allan and Electric Pick Join our Auction!

Recently we were sent something super awesome in the post! The fantastic Amalie and Uncle Allan, owners of Conspiracy Inc. have sent over some wonderful prints for our art auction, by both Allan and our buddy Electric Pick. These prints are so fantastic, though you may have to excuse my awful photos of them. I … Continue reading

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Time: Tattoo Art Today Exhibit

A new exhibit has opened up in London that aims to explore the ideas behind the bigger custom tattoo work that we’ve come to know and love today. This show features some of the best tattooers in the world, and quite frankly, I’m pretty jealous of anyone who can get down there and see it. … Continue reading

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Total Tattoo: Out Now

This is a little late, since we needed to give you an update on the Macmillan Fundraiser last week. Unfortunately, though, I’m not feeling too great today, so this is a ‘re-blog’ from the Total Tattoo website: Issue 118 of Total Tattoo magazine is on the shelves now. In this months issue we introduce the … Continue reading

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Stab City: Miami Weekender

I’m sure that you guys remember us talking about the Stab City book- it’s an amazing collection of artwork from some of the best tattooers out there. The publishers, Scorpion Front Publishing, held a weekender with the guys featured in the book in Miami recently, and it looks like it was a lot of fun. … Continue reading


Macmillan Fundraiser: Update

We’ve seen an absolutely amazing response to the last few things that have went up for the Macmillan fundraiser! Thank you so much for being so generous- you have seriously amazed us all. Here’s what’s been happening: Firstly, we’ve now drawn the winner of Dotwork Damian’s full day- Jimbob has won this prize, and is … Continue reading

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Review: FST: The World is Watching

Following on from last week’s news about the new part of the Frith Street documentary, Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, I’ve finally had a chance to watch it for review. This is part two of the documentary- you can find part one’s review here. This second part, called The World is Watching, sees the … Continue reading


Just a reminder- you have until 10PM tonight to win a tattoo by Dotwork Damian! Go to for more info!


Bold as Brass: Disney Day!

If you can look me in the eye and tell me that there isn’t one Disney character that you really think is a badass, I’d say that you’re really great at lying. Fair enough, you might not want one tattooed on you, but you’ve probably seen at least one that you’ve thought is awesome. Don’t … Continue reading

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