Win a Free Tattoo for Macmillan!

Following on from the announcement of our Macmillan fundraiser, taking place all over the UK this summer, we are super proud to announce the first tattoo sessions to be given away as prizes in some JustGiving raffles. For the sake of a few quid, you could win a full day session with the wonderful Rat … Continue reading

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Would you get tattooed by a robot?

Do tattooers dream of electric sheep? Maybe not at the moment, but a new machine that was built at France’s Culture Ministry has given us a glimpse into the future. At least, the Daily Mail would have you think that this is the future- I’m not so convinced. The machine was made by some students … Continue reading


Reading My Body

Two of the oldest arts in the world are tattoos and music. Yet, it’s not very often, despite how long they’ve both been around, that someone can come along and combine the two in a really outstanding way. Dmitry Morozov has recently managed such a feat, though, with his project called Reading My Body. This project … Continue reading


UPDATE: 12th April

Originally posted on Tattoosday UK Macmillan Fundraiser:
So, there’s been a lot going on over the last week. We managed to sort out the Facebook page, as you know, and since then things have gone a little bit crazy. We’re receiving likes to the page every day, and there are loads of tattooers who are…


New Shop: Incandescence

Birmingham! You have a new private shop! Incandescence is a brand new studio owned by Clare Goldilox, who previously worked at Painted Lady. This shop is going to be awesome. From Clare’s Facebook page: Sooooo… After months of hard work, painting, sawing, upholstering, tears and joy. I’m soooo overjoyed to be welcoming my beautiful customers and … Continue reading


Sneak Peek: Thomas Carli Jarlier

I love submissions! It’s so great when you guys send things in and get involved with what’s on the site. It makes it feel like more of a team effort, which is great. This week, I have some work from Thomas Carli Jarlier to show you guys, and you’re going to love it! Here’s a … Continue reading

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Total Tattoo: Out Now!

Sorry this is a little late- Friday’s post was given away to our fundraiser! You’ll already know this was coming anyway- Total Tattoo is out! This is another fantastic issue that you really need to check out (hey man, how come you don’t have a subscription yet, anyway?). In this issue, there are features with … Continue reading


Tattoosday UK Macmillan Fundraiser

After tirelessly writing about all of the charity fundraising you all do, I am super happy and proud to announce that we’re doing a fundraiser of our own! This year will see the first ever Tattoosday UK charity fundraiser, for the Macmillan charity. Macmillan works ridiculously hard to help those who have cancer, and those … Continue reading

Gary Wiedenhof

Gary’s Diary Day: May 24th!

It’s that time again! Gary Wiedenhof will be opening his books for November all the way up until May 2015- wow, that is a long time! Gary, who owns and works at Inkredible Kreations in Perth, Scotland, is a pretty popular guy and his books end up full in absolutely no time. If he didn’t … Continue reading


Weirdest eBay Listing Ever?

Artur Mrozowski, a tattooer from Poland, added a strange listing to eBay fairly recently. He has a plan to sell his skin after he dies, which is covered in a jaguar print tattoo. He plans to sell his skin for about £75,000, and the skin will be cut off when he dies. I think, judging … Continue reading


Venue Change: The Tattoo Extravaganza

If you’re planning on heading to The Tattoo Extravaganza in Portsmouth next month, please be prepared for a venue change! If you live in the UK, you’ve probably already seen on the news how bad the floods have been over the last few months, causing a lot of damage along the way. Unfortunately, the show’s … Continue reading


Lasting Longer Than Life

Some ancient Egyptian mummies have been found to prove that tattoos aren’t just for life- some are forever! Some mummies that will be on display the British Museum will showcase the most human sides of the people wrapped up inside the bandages, which includes one of them that has tattoos, much like the tattoos that … Continue reading

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1000 Tattoos, Re-Released

1000 Tattoos is a book that’s probably already in your bookshelf if you’re a tattooer or a fan of tattoos. It’s one of those great books that you can just pick up and have a gander at whenever you’re bored, and you’ll always find something in there that interests you. The book has recently been … Continue reading


Bled for Boston

I’m sure you remember the tragic Boston bombing that took place last year. The bombings targeted both participants and spectators of the Boston Marathon last year, killing 3 people, and injuring over 200. Since these events, many local tattoo shops have been offering tattoos to raise money for The One Fund, which benefits the victims … Continue reading

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Lost Love: Available for Pre-Order

Yellow Beak Press is constantly killing it. They’ve produced some amazing books so far, most notably their Milton Zeis book, Tattooing As You Like It. Their new book, Lost Love, looks just as amazing, and it’s now available for pre-order, too. This book is a collection of vintage flash, some of it never seen before … Continue reading

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