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Regretting a Face Tattoo

The Guardian has some great little ‘Experience’ features on its website, where people from all backgrounds tell varied stories. Recently they featured one from a man called Sam Piper, who is currently removing a face tattoo he got a couple of years ago. Face tattoos are a dumb idea for most people. Personally, I think … Continue reading


Prince Vallar: The ‘First’ Scottish Tattooer

It’s only a month until those of us in the North East can see Matt Lodder’s talk on Sutherland Macdonald, Englands ‘first’ tattooer. If you can’t wait until then, how’s about some news of Scotland’s ‘first’ tattooer, from around 30-40 years later? The BBC has just released some information that ScotlandsPeople, a Scottish history website, … Continue reading


First Look: Dan Henk’s New Book

Following on from The Black Seas of Infinity, Dan Henk is about to release a new book next year. Showing that his talents don’t only lie in his amazing tattoos, Dan will release a new set of short stories called Down Highways in the Park…By Demons Driven. The stories are absolutely amazing, and they’re just … Continue reading


The Force Awoken

Come on, you love this cheesy title. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know the new Star Wars trailer was released last month. Let’s be honest, it looks amazing. If you haven’t already seen it, here it is: I can imagine there being a hell of a lot of Star Wars tattoos around … Continue reading


Handpoke Tattoo: 23 Artists’ Words and Ink

There’s a great new book out this week that covers exclusively hand make tattoos, and it looks great. I feel like there’s been an increase over the last few years in the popularity of any tattoo made without a machine, so this book seems to have come at a great time. Hand made tattoos are, … Continue reading


Matt Lodder: Newcastle Talk next Month!

Matt Lodder is a pretty cool guy. We both used to rock the column section of Total Tattoo magazine, where he used to talk about all of the cool things he’s found about tattooing’s history with his work as an art historian. He’s busy putting together a book at the moment, and he’s managed to … Continue reading

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Review: Pen & Ink

Sorry for the absence of a Friday post last week guys- I was waiting for the post to bring me the new book by Issac Fitzgerald and Wendy MacNaughton, called Pen & Ink. You may already know about Pen & Ink, as it started as a Tumblr page that I wrote about last Janurary. After … Continue reading


Tattooers: Save your Facebook Profile

Over the last month or so, many tattooers’ Facebook profiles have been removed, and replaced with pages. There’s never any real warning before doing so, and a lot of data associated with the profiles, some of which were a few years old, have completely vanished. I know what’s coming- ‘This is an outrage! Tattooers are … Continue reading


Gavin Lyons: Now at Tattoo Station

Gavin Lyons has only been tattooing a relatively short amount of time, but he’s already an amazing tattooer. The quality of his tattoos is sometimes far beyond others who have been tattooing much longer, and from a personal point of view, it’s just a pleasure to get tattooed by him as he makes the time … Continue reading


Josh Stephens: SND Merch

Josh Stephens has just released a new t-shirt with Swallows and Daggers, and it looks really awesome. What’s even better is that if you’re a mailing list subscriber, you’ll also be able to get a free print- brill! If you’re not a subscriber, don’t fret; if you’re one of the first fifty people to order … Continue reading

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Tattoos of Freedom

Whenever we¬†think of those who have been tattooed without their consent, most people probably think about World War 2 victims or children in news stories. As much as it’s uncomfortable to think about, there are others who are also tattooed against their will, who have survived (or are barely surviving) human trafficking. It’s almost insane … Continue reading

Sergio Motiu

Highlights from ManWoman Day 2014

If you read our last post, you’ll know that yesterday was ManWoman Day. My apologies if you missed this post- we had some technical issues, where some people weren’t able to see the post, and others saw it when the draft was put up on WordPress- some of you even saw it a day or … Continue reading


Manwoman Day: Today

Two years ago today, we lost a really special character in tattooing, and I lost a really cool friend, as did hundreds of other people around the world. Manwoman was a guy who worked for most of his life to spread knowledge about the swastika symbol, and its positive message. Most people still associate this … Continue reading


UK Industry Awards: Nominate Now!

Every year, the Liverpool Tattoo Convention hosts a fantastic awards ceremony celebrating tattooing’s finest artists. This is a really great way of showing some recognition to those who work their arse off every day, and a good way for those tattooers to be seen by even more people. The awards have been going for a … Continue reading


Total Tattoo: Out Now

This month’s Total Tattoo is out now, bitches! There’s loads of awesome things in this, including some stuff from yours truly. There’s convention coverage from my trip down to Stockton for the North East Tattoo Expo, which was a hell of a lot of fun. I really loved covering this convention, and I hope you … Continue reading

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